Thursday, April 03, 2008

Show Me Your Boobs!

Last year, Canadian blogger, Mackey donated money for every photo of boobies she received. I thought the idea was incredible and this past January, I participated in a virtual blood drive that another blogger, Manic Mommy hosted.

This year, good friend, Jules, is participating in the Chicago 3-Day 60-mile walk.

She needs to raise $2,200 and I want to help!

So, this is where it gets fun! I want to see your boobs!

It's the Snarkalicious Boob-A-Thon!!!!!

For each photo, I will donate $2 for each pair of boobies*, to Jules' efforts. (And that is $2 per pair in the photo -- so gather your friends and snap a pic! A photo with 3 sets will get a donation of $6!)

But, please no nudity (I'd like to keep it tasteful). So, keep 'em covered (cleavage is ok!) and take a pic (think of the joy your husbands/boyfriends will have photographing you! And if you don't have a significant other, set the timer or get a friend! The more the merrier!!!) And YES, these photos will appear here on Snarkalicious!

And remember, breast cancer can effect the men in our lives, too -- so their boobs (or are they moobs? Get it? Man Boobs = Moobs) count too!

So, what are you waiting for?? Email those photos to me now! Please include your name and blog addy (if you've got one - cuz linky love is a splendid thing!)

snarkalicious @

(yes, that is -- no typo there!)

Oh! And to further entice you -- I will have PRIZES! Every boob that enters (okay, I am totally NOT calling my great readers boobs!) will get their name put into a drawing for some fabulous prizes (to be determined at a later date, cuz I haven't thought that far ahead yet!)

(*Disclaimer: The same boobies can only get ONE donation, so don't expect me to shell out mad cash because you snapped 52 different pics of your ta-ta's. I'm all about helping the cause, but I'm not rich ya know. Also - if you have random photos of your friends boobies (I don't wanna know why .... well, actually, YES I DO!), you MUST have their consent cuz I don't want hate mail because someone's boobies are all publicized without their prior knowledge.)

I'd be honored if you would like to advertise the Boob-A-Thon on your blog, please use the banner below and link it to:


Manic Mom said...

You are soooo in trouble... just saying.

Manic Mom said...


IT CAN'T BE could it... should it be

Sarah said...


It's thru - free email yo. LOL

Amanda said...

Hi Sarah!

Intrugued by comments over at manic I decided to swing by and found the other site first - I currently weigh similar to you and I'm trying to lose it too so can I join in?

April said...

I just came over from Melissa's site...great idea! I'm totally poor right now so I have no money to donate (my wedding is 44 days) BUT I have plenty of boobage!! I am going to hunt for the perfect pic to post. This is a great cause!
;-) April

Jules said...

You guys rock, thanks sarah! i Love this!!!! GREAT IDEA.

Sassy One said...

Awesome idea. I did it for Mackey when she did I'm sending you my nunga-nungas!

Southern Sage said...

I am following Sassys awesome ummmm boobs!
I'm going to link it this week and see if some the girls who sent me pics to post national cleavedge day yesterday will send some.
Good luck

KBear said...

i would love to send you a pic next week, when i get my internet and computer set up at my new house. but i have a quick question: a friend of mine was fooling around, and i was posed with a guy friend for a pic, but he only took a pic of my boobs. i have a shirt on.

does that count if they are fully covered? (might be a dumb question, but im blonde, so feel sorry for me:) )


cathouse teri said...

Mine's sent!

I dunno how to post that banner, because I'm a total technological retard.

If you give me SIMPLE instructions, I'll be glad to do so. :)