Monday, May 19, 2008

Boob-A-Thon (Round 11)

More entrants! And two of these ladies are very special, because they have gone through the ordeal, the anxiety of waiting on biopsy results, hoping & praying that the dreaded "C" word would not be a part of their lives.

Thankfully these ladies tata's are healthy, biopsy results coming back stating - BENIGN.

But this just further stresses the importance of checking your girls and going in to your lady doctor as needed.

Our first entrant here just underwent the biopsy, and proudly shows her boob, bruise and all...


Here's another that went thru the biopsy ordeal 10 years ago...


And more tata's to help boost up that donation amount...



You all truly rock!

I'm waiting on a few of the prizes to arrive in the mail. Once I have them on hand, I'll be determining a cutoff date to enter and will start wrapping the Boob-A-Thon up. Until then, keep those boobies rollin in!!!


Anonymous said...

wooooo hooooo
more excellent boobage!

Anonymous said...

hooray for boobies!

ive got a nice little scar from the surgery. i tell guys its from getting the implants and they say - wow, they feel so real :)

mackeydoodle said...

lol @ Pitseleh!

I was so relieved to hear that Hippys wasn't cancer. I was so afraid & worried.
BTW.... I think you are doing a great job here Sarah!
Kudos to you!

Sassy One said...

Awesome job once again!
I just knew when you were talking about the boobs and biopsy that it was Becky! I'm so glad her news was good news though!