Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pardon my absence, I've been hiking up Mt. Laundry

I apologize for my lack of presence around here.

You see, our washer has been eating our clothes. Apparently we do not feed it enough. First it was eating small little holes on the fronts of shirts. Then it developed into chewing little holes on the front or back of the shirts. Then it started gnawing on the sleeves.

We've had someone out to look at it, and could find nothing wrong.

Right after Christmas, it ate a brand new shirt that was a gift. I'm talking, it chewed a 4-5 inch hole. That was the final straw.

Someone came out again; thought he knew what could be doing it, so he adjusted the tub. Said it should be fine, and if it made some noise that was okay, but if it was loud, banging noise then the tub would need to be readjusted back again (it's a front-loader).

First small load of laundry in ... those loud, banging noises he spoke of were happening. Shut the machine off and they were called again.

Another guy comes out, but won't readjust the tub because he didn't originally do it, and doesn't want to be "responsible". Ummm...okay, but you both work for the same place.... Whatever. In the meantime, he orders new springs and something else because now those are likely damaged from the tub being adjusted too far forward.

So, the original repairman was supposed to come out today to readjust the tub back again (the other repairman said the washer COULD be used with NO further damage once the tub was readjusted until those other parts came in and they came to fix those).

We get no call back and have to literally chase them around, when they tell us that NO! He should NOT have told us that - it CAN cause further damage and since the parts won't be in until Friday, they will be out on Tuesday to fix everything.

So, the clothes remain. HUGE piles of dirty laundry. We may need to resort to wearing our socks and underwear inside out.

Worst of all ... a trip to the laundromat is going to be in order. At least that's the tentative plan for Saturday. I can't imagine anything more exciting than spending hours playing catch-up with the laundry at the laundromat!

I told you we were party animals!


Julia said...

The one upside to the laundry mat is that you can do 5 loads all at the same time. I remember that being the ONLY thing I liked about that during my college days. But your washer is really evil.

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Saving it till Saturday when the kids are home to help. Boy your sly! ;)