Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sometimes paradise isn't far

Recently we decided to surprise the kids with a weekend getaway to Key Lime Cove, which is about an hour north of us. We didn't tell them ahead of time, and I packed the suitcase without them knowing and loaded the car while they were at school.

They were curious as to why I was going to be picking them both up from school that day, and that we were heading to go pick up daddy from work right away, but they didn't question much.

We just talked about where we were going to go eat for dinner and they tried to talk us into Chuck E Cheese. It wasn't until we were headed straight for Key Lime Cove's parking lot that the signs were spotted and my son yelled out "IT'S KEY LIME COVE! I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT I WANT TO GO THERE!!!" My husband asked "How about we go there now?"

They still didn't quite get it even after we went inside and stood in line to check-in that we were staying. My son, with sad eyes, says "But mom, we can't go in there." (as he looks thru the window at the water park) and I ask why, and he replies "Because we don't have any of our stuff. Our swimming suits."

And I tell him not to worry, that I packed them, and that the suitcase was in the car. They were beyond thrilled! And it was a nice time - that is until Saturday afternoon when security came up and knocked on our room door to let us know our car had been broken into. Yeah, not impressed with that. Not sure what security does in the meantime - because they certainly weren't patrolling the parking lot at all, seeing as how it was a spa employee that reported it. And for $250 a night, well, you'd think there would at least be security cameras or something. Yeah, not so much.

But anywho....the kids had a fabulous time. I think we spent a good 5-6 hours total at the water park before our weekend was so rudely interrupted. It wore the kids out, because once we were in the car on the way home, they were both out within minutes.

We may go back someday....right now the whole traumatic car experience is still too fresh in my mind.


Kat said...

Bummer, sorry to hear your weekend was spoiled by the break-in. Sounds like the kids were having a grand ole time though.

Melissa said...

I'm going to get you guys to come over to the dark side yet!! CocoKey is calling you!! :)

And it's $100 cheaper a night.

Melisa with one S said...

Ugh. I still can't believe that happened.

Melissa: CocoKey? EEW! (Sarah, don't listen to her)

Nicki said...

I love doing that sort of thing! One time when Little Bear was still a baby, we left her at her grandma's house and told MOnkeyboy we were all going to a doctor's appointment with me. The poor kid was convinced I was dying, because why else would we all be headed together to my doctor's appointment? When we passed Great America, Monkeyboy got all excited to point out the rollercoasters.... adn then we surprised him! We were staying in a hotel for the night, so we could go to Great America that day AND the next day! (Unfortunately, Monkeyboy broke his ankle that first day. Fortunately, people with broken ankles... and their family members... get to go to the front of all the lines, so the next day we went on thirty million rides!) Kids are so much fun to surprise, aren't they?