Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Parting with a Piece of the Family

Last week when we had bitter windchills my husband's car threw a hissy fit from being left out on the driveway overnight, and decided not to start in the morning. Two days in a row. Which left me as the taxi driver.

Fine and dandy. Except on Friday, we get into my car, I buckle my seat belt and look down at my dash - and what's that? The check engine light. Grrrrrrrreat.

We are already down to 1 car, we can't possibly go car-less! So I put it in reverse and it makes this god-awful clunk like I've never heard before.

Immediately the warning light is flashing in my brain - TRANSMISSION!

I get my husband to work, and he says he's going to call to see about getting the car in that afternoon. I throw up a few prayers that I'm able to make it to work, and that I'll be able to actually LEAVE work when the time comes, too.

So, I make it safely and I work my way through the day (with just a minor meltdown at work - because let's see, it's negative 50 degrees with the windchill, one car won't start, the other is on the fritz, work is swamped because of said weather, and so much more than I even care to mention right now).

Needless to say, I made it to pick up my husband and we made it over to the dealership. I had this sinking feeling the whole day that I should have been cleaning out my car. I didn't, but I did check the new car inventory of the dealer before I left the office.

I'm sure you see where this is going....

My car was 8 years old. With nearly 151,000 miles on it. She was very sick. Trans problems, valve issues, transfer case ..... somewhere around the tune of $3K.

We chose to say goodbye and left her behind. And yes, I did cry a little. I couldn't help it. She was the one that brought home both my babies from the hospital. She was good to me for 8 years. And I'm sentimental like that.

The newest member of our family is a 2008 Tucson. He's blue, and absolutely adorable. I have yet to name him (may never happen, I didn't name the previous car either, though it was a she).

This isn't a photo of's one I found online of a cousin.

I have been enjoying his company immensely. He's even got XM radio free for 90 days and we enjoy listening to the 80s tunes on my drives to and from work.

I think he's going to fit into this family just fine.


Jess said...

Congrats on the new car!

just_karyn said...

Congrats! "Lola" says welcome to the hood!

Melisa with one S said...

Congrats! Getting a new car is so fun! (well, if you don't think about the payment part)

Dana, Proud mommy to 3 said...

I'm emotional about cars too. I was so sad to know that our van was completely totaled and was gone, forever. Congrats on the new car though!