Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I haven't been able to talk about this prior, since I am still not 100% sure if my mom reads here or not (and honestly, I'm not gonna ask, I'd just rather not know if she is, I think).

So, anyway....there were a couple things on my 52 Things that I was able to cross off this past weekend.

This past Monday was mom's 60th birthday. My brother, my dad and myself hosted a surprise party in her honor. It was Saturday, and she had no idea. She was surprised and the one that bet the waterworks would start immediately was the winner.

She enjoyed herself, and it made us happy to make her so happy.

My brother and I went in on joint gift that would also be something special for dad as well. We treated her with a 2-night stay at a bed & breakfast in Galena, Illinois. They'll get full breakfast each morning, and also get dinner one night at Fried Green Tomatoes, not to mention the tour/purchase voucher for the winery, too.

They'll be packing soon and can't wait!

And even with all of that, one of mom's favorite things about the party? Her cake.

A total hit, and I cannot say enough good about the Super Target bakery!

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Jenni Jiggety said...

Happy Birthday to your mom, Sarah! I am glad she had fun at her party!