Thursday, February 12, 2009

Giving Back

One of the items on my 52 Things list is to give to a charity/cause.

I have been thinking about where I would like to help. In the past I have supported several different causes; Susan G. Komen foundation, March of Dimes, and the American Cancer Society to name a few.

I am debating on if I'd like to make several, smaller donations, or just one to a specific organization. At this particular time the front runners are the American Cancer Society as well as St. Jude.

For those of you who donate - which organizations do you help? And are smaller donations just as beneficial as larger ones? If I decide to help a few with smaller monetary amounts, will it still make a difference? Tell me your thoughts....


Lacey said...

I personally think that ANY donation amount is amazing where these little amounts add up.

We support ACS and Relay for Life for obvious reasons. We also support Susan G Koemen Foundation (my mom and maternal grandmother had breast cancer) and Kids Konnected, a group aimed at children with parents fighting cancer.

This year I am also going to donate to March of Dimes in my friends honor.

just_karyn said...

As I work for a non-profit, I can attest to the fact that every donation, big or small is important and makes a difference in the lives of many!

And....I vote for Special Olympics Illinois!!!


Anonymous said...

i agree - any donation, big or small helps. I always donate to WWF (world wildlife foundation), Susan G. Koemen, and now i'm going to start donating to children's cancer foundations (i'll have to check out the kids konnected) I usually pack a box up of old towels and sheets and add some supplies a local animal shelter is in need of...

Jessy said...

I agree, any donation helps!!
I wanted to add Autism Speaks to your list too. =)