Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suck the Life Right Outta Me

There's no way to sugar coat any of this, so I'll just get right down to the Royal Suckfest that is my life.

I took a pay cut at work yesterday. Well, I'd rather leave it than take it, but that's not a choice. The only bit of saving grace is that I'm not required to still work my normal 40.5 hours a week with less pay. Instead I'll only be working 30 hours. But we're still talking losing 1/4 of my salary.

And yes - I am thanking my lucky stars that I still have a job, but it's still difficult.

Then there's my mother's health. She came down with what we thought was the stomach flu last week. Instead of getting better, she was getting worse. It warranted a trip to the urgent care yesterday morning which found she's got bacterial pneumonia.

But that's not the issue.

The radiologist felt the spot on her lung was too large. They suggested having another x-ray done in 10 days. The doctor she saw, said that with her symptoms and the way her lungs sounded, felt it shouldn't be a need for a worry, that it was just pneumonia and that it would be clear for the next x-ray.

Still. I'm trying not to borrow trouble, but honestly - how can I not?

I was still wrapping my mind around our car troubles and the thought that some disgusting piece of human flesh was touching my stuff. And now I get to deal with rebudgeting and seeing if our family can survive with my new income, all while worrying about what could be hiding out on my mom's lung.

I'm not doing so well.


Kat said...

Offering you hugs from across the pond. Taking a pay cut is horrible. Sometimes all the shit comes crashing down at the same time. Hope it will all clear up soon.

Southern Sage said...

Damn girl. When it rains it pours.

Good luck and super duper good JuJu out to you. Hope it gets better.

Melissa said...

Take one step at a time and you can get through almost anything. That and some ramen and vodka...;)

Hang in there!

mackey said...

Do youwant to come & hind under my rock with me. They can't find us here. ((((hugs)))) & positive vibes & prayers for your Mom.

Meghan and Michelle said...

Sorry that your plate is full of troubles right now...here's hoping they get pushed aside for some "dessert" soon :-(



Lacey said...

((HUGS)) Sarah! Thoughts and prayers going up for your family!

Nanci said...

Try not to worry so much-I know, easier said. The doctor is taking precautions, and that's good. I think if there was something there your mom would have more symptoms. My bil was just diagnosed yesterday with bronchitis, but it started out just like your mom, like the stomach flu. Hang in there, and here's some hugs for you...((((()))))

Jess said...

Praying for you and your Mom and I hope that everything checks out ok. I'm sorry about the pay cut as well...that bites majorly!