Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's hard to believe that Christmas is already this week. Just a few more sleeps and then we'll be listening for prancing and pawing up on the rooftop.

This weekend was spent Christmas-ing with our 3rd annual cookie exchange and grab bag on Friday, gift exchange and holiday dinner with the in-laws on Saturday, and of course, Santa's Landing.

Oh - and you can't forget that there were more Christmas presents bought that now need to be wrapped, even though that has been done for a couple weeks. Stores suck you in with their last minute sales (how can you beat a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for $130, especially when you've been drooling over one for years?).

But, back to Santa's Landing .... this was the 3rd year this has been in existence. The first year we were out there every single weekend raising money to try to help our fire department educate everyone in order to try to get the referendum to pass (and it did! SUCCESS!!!!). My dad has played the part of Santa, which he adores. And you know what? My kids think it's pretty darn cool, too, and I swear - when they are on "Santa's" lap, the look in their eyes is like they forgot it's actually their grandpa playing the part.

(My dad is employed by the real Santa himself. There is no monetary salary, and no health benefits - but the "pay" and "benefits" he does receive are truly magical in the spirit of the season. My dad reports back to his boss, relaying what he's seen in regards to naughty & nice behavior and then sends in his spreadsheet report of the wish lists that the kids give him.)

This year, my mom was also hired. They posed for some photos before I took them to the meeting spot for the magical ride in.

The kids just love that the arrival is by firetruck. The flashing lights & sirens add to the anticipation and excitement of the night.

It's such a magical night. Just look at my kids''s like right out of a movie!

And sometimes the requests to Santa get you right in the heart. One year was "I want my parents to stop fighting", and I overheard a little girl this year say "I just want to be surprised".

This year, good friend Jules, sat on Santa's lap and asked for a baby. It's been a year of trying for her & her hubby, with no luck. We're all hoping that the real Santa can pull some strings with the big Guy Upstairs. We don't know many more people more deserving of a baby.


Melissa said...

My mom said K had a look of amazement on her face when "Santa" pulled up. It truly is like they totally don't know who Santa is.

I'm getting ready to put up a post,I'm just procrastinating.

Your parents did an awesome job...and I completely missed Jules, I would have bawled had I been there for that.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Oh how cute are your parents??? Great pictures and what a fun night!