Monday, December 29, 2008

The Christmas-is-Over Blues

Anyone else feel depressed when the excitement and anticipation of the holidays is over?

Don't get me wrong. I wish little elves would come by the house and rid it of all the Christmas lights, knicknacks, stockings and trees, but at the same time I'm bummed that it's all over.

Winter is no fun after Christmas. I mean, I battled the billions of inches of snow that fell (I'd rather not talk about how many hours were spent in the car commuting to and from work in said elements) prior to Christmas because I thoroughly feel that Christmas is just not Christmas, unless it's white.

Now? I'd prefer that white stuff to stay away. In fact, I'd much rather tomorrow be June. Not picky much, huh?

My Christmas was truly wonderful, though. Santa was good to us, and we all spent the day lazing around, enjoying each other's company and enjoying our new gifts. Then we sat down to a delicious turkey dinner.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday, too. We're just days away from 2009! Time is flying....


Melissa said...

I could handle June...;)

Jenni Jiggety said...

Word. I am totally ready for summer.

Burgh Baby said...

Happy New Year! Now, can we please just skip to Spring?

Sue said...

I keep my outside Christmas lights (white) on through the winter so it doesn't seem so dark and blah outside.