Friday, June 13, 2008

There Once Was A Man From Nantucket...

...who had a...

Nevermind. We'll do the dirty nursery rhymes another day.

Somehow I lost track of time. I'd say I've been busy doing all sorts of fantabulous things, but then I would be lying.

For the most part, the last week has been rather ho-hum. Nothing much to write about, nothing truly witty to say, and I wasn't feeling particularly snarky.

School is wrapping up here soon (next Tuesday is the last day), and we've officially welcomed in summer - at least temperature wise. I think we surpassed 90 degrees yesterday. I fear for what July and August might be like. We've had some crazy storms, too, and we're all hoping that we don't have to go out chasing storage sheds and gazebos in the middle of the night.

So, we're keeping busy doing the normal summer activities; going for walks, sitting outside while the kids ride bikes, playing baseball, playing in the sprinkler.

And planning for our upcoming shindigs; the Princess's ballerina birthday party, a Dove chocolate tasting party, and a backyard beach party! Not to mention the family vacation to Disney World this fall!

Which means, there should be plenty of pictures to share in the coming months! Oh, and that reminds me ... I do have some from when we went to Lake Geneva, WI that I want to post! (scroll down for those!)


Sassy One said...

Great pictures :)

A Dove chocolate tasting party?!
Sounds like my kind of party!!

Anonymous said...

backyard beach part?
well sounds like fun!