Thursday, June 05, 2008

Prize Winners for the '08 Boob-A-Thon

Alright, it's prize time!!

Everyone was assigned a number (pretty much bottom photo started at 1 and worked it's way to the top which was 40), I used the integer generator and got myself 6 numbers. Those 6 random numbers were numbered 1-6 respectively, and then I used the generator again to see which prize would be awarded to whom.

So, I proudly present to you, the 2008 Snarkalicious Boob-A-Thon Winners!!!!

Kristabella and Candace each won a breast cancer awareness ribbon purse charm!!

Catscratch Diva won a large breast cancer awareness car magnet!!

Rebecca won a small breast cancer awareness car magnet!!

April won a breast cancer pin!!

And last but not least, Turnbaby wins the candy, pink gum, and pink playing cards lot!!

If you are a winner, contact me and let me know your snail mail so I can get your prizes out to you!!!

Thank you all so much for participating!! It was so much fun, and I think it was a huge success!!!

Overall, between my donation, and contributions by Rob and Sage, the Snarkalicious Boob-A-Thon raised $300!!!!

Jules is so very thankful, and she's now raised 56% of her goal so that she can walk!

Thank you all again, so very much! You all truly rock! Thanks for sharing your rack!


Swishy said...

Let's hear it for hot racks! :)

I Smile 2 Much said...

Thats's sooooo awesome! : )

Also just stoppin by to say *hey* bc I havent been by in awhile & wanted 2 see how ya been ....

: )

catscratch diva said...

Awesome! I'd bare my rack anyday for a good cause!

Candance said...

YAY!! Thanks!! It will look very pretty on my new silver purse I just got! Now, I have to go back through the posts and find your e-mail address so I can send you my mailing address!

It really is very cool that you did this!! You're a good egg, Sarah!

Sassy One said...

That's soo amazing!!
I'm with catscratch diva...I'd bare my rack anyday for a good cause!

Anonymous said...

they do rock for sure!!
Hope it helps ur bud out.

Sass and CSD........
I liked yours the best!
Good Cause!

Kristabella said...

SQUEEE! I won! I never win anything! And I didn't even know there were prizes involved for showing my ta-tas!

Which clearly proves that yes, I will show my ta-tas for anything!

Way to raise so much money!

Sassy One said...

Sage - Awww shucks! THanks!

whitetrashgoddess said...

YAYYYY!! I will put mine on my truck!! Thank you! :)

Haaaa - the word verification is
ARBUURP!! (Ok - easily amused here..)

April said...

Yay, I won!! I will wear my pin with pride. :-) You rock for doing this!!!

mackey said...

Hooray for boobies! have been tagged!

Nanci said...

Congrats to all the boobie prize winners!