Friday, June 20, 2008

Hold My Hand

When my son was about 2, he enjoyed being "free" in the stores; no stroller, no shopping cart. Just being able to walk and use those legs for what they were intended.

Except he didn't always want to hold a hand (honestly, who can blame a kid with the height differences -- either the adult is hunched over or the kid has their arm upwards -- it really can't be that comfortable), so we bought one of these:

It was a simple device that we wore on our wrist, and he wore on his. It gave him enough distance to be "free", but kept him near enough that we knew he was safe.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my folks and I went to Babies R Us to browse, and my dad and my son were tethered together with the Hold My Hand device. My mom and I were shopping while the boys were browsing by the baby furniture.

Imagine my dad's surprise when he sees a small figure run past him, and when he turns and looks -- there's the other end of the Hold My Hand device connected to a dresser knob.

Needless to say, that device didn't get much use after that.


Nanci said...

That's so funny! I can see him doing that too.

Melissa said...

Bwhahaha! I can so see your dad babysitting a dresser and B on a rampage throughout the store. B is to smart for his own good, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

smart lil fella!

Sassy One said...

Too smart for his own good!
That kid will go places...literally!

Ashley @ Wide Open Wallet said...

LOL!! What a sneaky little guy. That is pretty smart!

Melisa said...

This cracked me up!