Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where's Mr. Trump when you need him?

I signed in here thinking of all the things I could say, and then spent the last 5 minutes gazing at the screen, my mind blank.

My mystery fever seems to be gone, but my lips are so dry and I still sometimes feel flushed that I think I'm feverish. Other than that, I can't say there is anything ailing me. A little tickle in my throat, causing a cough; that's about it.

The boy woke up last night to use the potty and was soaked. His hair was wet and matted, his pajamas were damp as well as his bedding. He stood there and shivered as we changed him into new jammies and explained to him that the fever was probably breaking and that he was getting better. Several hours later, what appeared to be a coughing fit landed him in the bathroom to throw up. I'll be calling home in a few minutes to get the report on his current status.

For now I'm at work - just me, myself and I. Holding down the fort for spring break while my other office employees are soaking up the sun somewhere warm. Thankfully, it is not as busy as normal because it is spring break and many customers are away as well.

However, this morning I still had to do the part of my job I do not like; firing someone. It was the new guy we hired and he's already not working out. Better to know sooner than later in the training process and time was of the essence here in finding another candidate. I'm just not very good at being the 'bad guy', though I didn't find it too difficult.

Maybe that's the PMS talking as it's about that time. Oh the joys of womanhood. Is my snarky showing?


Melissa said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with tons to blog about and no energy to type it...

I take it the little man won't be birthday partying today, huh?

I hope y'all feel better soon!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon, if not already.