Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random Hump Day Ramblings

Happy Hump Day!

Just some random ramblings because I'm not feeling particularly witty today.

My son had his kindergarten spring concert last night, and as much as he talked about the fact that he was going to have stage fright, I figured he'd get over it and enjoy being the center of attention with all his little friends from class.


He proceeded to toss his grilled cheese sandwich in the school parking lot, and again later as they were filing into the room to get on stage. (sigh)

He sat the whole thing out, white as a ghost.

Today I'm getting all my ducks in a row, and pulling all my documentation on an old employee that is fighting tooth and nail to get benefits that he deserves. I've got a telephone hearing tomorrow regarding it.

And trust me, I've got plenty of harsh words rolling around in my head right now, but I will bite my tongue because we're just a few days from Easter and in about an hour I'll be heading off to donate blood. So I'd just rather avoid the non-Christian hateful spew that I'd like to go forth with (and hey - I'm about as far from a "church-go-er" as they get, but even I know better than stare down that barrel right now, but don't get me wrong .... catch me on the right day, and ..... well.....)

On a nice note, though, I was given 2 more awards! Yay me! But truly pathetic that all 3 of my awards have come from the same reader.

Ah well.....I guess that's about all for now!


Melissa said...

Are you calling me pathetic? I resemble that remark!

Would you giggle to know most of my awards come from the same readers, too?

You need to drop the word veri. Seriously, it's like 12 letters long today.

Sherry said...

Congrats on the awards... It doesn't matter where they come from!!