Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well that was fun

As I mentioned earlier, today was my appointment to donate blood again. Knowing this, I made sure I picked out a 3/4 sleeve top to make things easier. I also make a mental note as I'm getting ready to grab a juice from the kitchen fridge, a yogurt from the garage fridge -- and yes, can't forget the milk crate and empty bottles because today is milk day.

I get my juice. I get the crate/empty bottles. Get in the car, start my drive in and realize - SHIT! I forgot my yogurt. I figure, oh well, at least I've got Lean Cuisines and Smartones in the freezer at work.

I eat lunch around 12:30 -- and start drinking a bottle of water as well. I leave the office at 1:40 and get to the donation center at 1:55 for my appointment at 2.

I was gone for nearly 2 hours. First of all - there was a new girl training - so it took her longer to do everything, and then someone else was observing to make sure no mistakes were made and no steps were skipped.

I finally get all hooked up, and I'm flowing nicely (my last donation took 7 minutes). They say "She's just about done..." and I'm feeling woozy.

They notice - and ask - and I tell them and immediately they are scurrying around and I've got several people around me, and I'm slipping further away.......

They are trying to keep me alert - asking me questions - telling me to cough - all while putting ice packs on my neck, on my forehead, holding them against my cheeks. They bring over a fan and aim it straight at me.

And I'm just barely hanging on -- trying to concentrate on what the hell they are saying to me -- but am having a heck of a time because my head is fuzzy and who the hell sucked all the moisture out of my lips?

They are asking - how do you feel? How is your stomach? All the while my stomach is rolling and rolling and rooooollllllllling............

And I'm still halfway between conciousness and passing out and I can't get back even though I'm at war with my body to just straighten itself back out.

I'm still queasy, still hanging on the edge of conciousness and I've still got a fury of people milling around me asking me questions. They are asking me if I am queasy, if I am nauseous .... yes, yes, YES!!!

Next thing I know, I've got a big clear plastic garbage bag opened up and in front of me like a feed bag. I am still hanging on the edge, but I am able to think clearly enough that I DO NOT WANT TO REVIST THOSE SWEDISH MEATBALLS.

Finally, my stomach starts to settle down, my body starts to return to normal and my color returns. It was a good 10 minutes and probably the longest 10 minutes of my life. It was awful.

Thankfully lunch stayed down, and so did the water, juice and cookies they pumped me with afterwards. I had to stay there longer for them to make sure I was okay - and trust me - I was in no hurry to do all that again, so I obeyed.

I'm entirely wiped out, though. They asked me if I was tired -- and why, yes, I am. VERY. One pint of blood, and a sixth of an hour just hanging onto conciousness.......yes, I'll have a nap please.

But you know what ..... on May 14th, I'll likely be back there, donating again. Only that time I'll remember to eat more than just a Smartone before I go in.


Candance said...

Just so you know, as I read that, I had sympathy nausea. Whoa, Man, you're a trooper!!

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! I tried to add you to mine this morning but the government said, "I think not, Missy". But, you're on there now cause the G-men don't tell me what to do at home!

Swishy said...

Ohhhh, good for you! What a trooper is right!

Kat said...

Well heck, that sounds horrible. I am glad you are okay though and the swedisch meatballs stayed where they were supposed to.

Melissa said...

Wow, it's almost as if I've read this somewhere else ;)

Hope you feel better today!