Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Things Kids Say

The other day my son had to bring some work home for his friend that lives down the street, who has been out sick.

When we talked about it at the dinner table, I found out it was quite a lot of stuff that he had to tote home.

My mom made a comment that it really weighed down his backpack.

What does my son say?

"Yeah. It was like an anchor!"


Swishy said...

Ha! So cute!

Melissa said...

That's funny because I thought the same thing when he dropped it off. Between his books and hers that was a lot for a little guy to carry.

Thanks again!

Kat said...

Funny and so wise.

Sherry said...

Ha! He is a smart one!

kristabella said...

HA! The only thing funnier would have been had he said "like an albatross around my neck."