Wednesday, February 20, 2008

100 Things About Me - Part 8

71. I hate runny scrambled eggs. In fact, if I order them out, I order them scrambled well.

72. I have a love affair with fried cheese.

73. I prefer my toilet paper to be hung where the paper unrolls from the top, not the underside. If it's hung incorrectly, I'll turn it around.

74. I'm beginning to believe that I may actually like to live somewhere where it never gets cold or snows.

75. I think the next CD I purchase will be Billy Ocean.

76. I did repeat myself throughout my 100 Things About Me and I just had to come in here and edit this.

77. I think Simon Cowell is sexy in his British, very snarky and honest way.

78. My favorite Cubs player is Aramis Ramirez. I'd like to meet him, and shake his hand, and hug him, and ........ (you fill in the blanks)

79. I did not think I'd like Caesar salad, therefore never in my life tried it. I did for the first time last month, and I love it.

80. I have recently dedicated myself to the Brighten Lives program and pledge to donate at least quarterly every year.


Kat said...

Fried cheese...mmmmhhhh I am practically drooling.

Melissa said...

Billy Ocean, really? I knew quite a few of these already.

And I to love fried cheese...who am I kidding I love almost anything fried...

Keri said...

mmmmmm.... love fried cheese too....

oh, and the toidy paper thing... HAVE to do it too... hate when it's hung wrong.

Jules said...'re like the second person i know that orders their eggs well done...or i order mine DRY! I hate runny eggs too...hubby LOVES them runny..eck! i hear a fondue girls night in the near future?