Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Things Kids Say

So, in my household, there are nights that the kids go to bed easily. The kind where, once they are tucked in and their bedroom doors are closed, they are down for the count. Other nights we aren't as lucky and there are extra bathroom trips, things they forgot to tell us, that they need lotion on chapped cheeks, or that Han Solo just came hurtling through the window in the Millennium Falcon (yes, my son is HUGE into Star Wars right now).

Tonight was one of said nights.

Both kids were up a few times, and I did extra tucking. On one tucking with my son, he asks for a drink of water. I bring him a small dixie cup. He drinks it and is content. A bit later, my daughter is up and out of her room again. Get her settled and notice my boy is asleep.

I go in to kiss him and whisper in his ear that I love him sooooo much and he stirs a bit and sleepily, in a hushed voice says:

"Mommy, you know I like big drinks; not those little ones. Will you get me a big drink?"

I oblige and get him his big drink and come back into his room, to find him nodding off again....

"Honey, here's your drink" to which he springs up, drinks it down and says:

"AHHHHHHHHHH......that's what I'm talkin' about!"


Melissa said...

I see an early bathroom trip in your future, Mom!!

Kat said...

Yeah I was thinking of a bathroom trip as well but how funny is his remark....LOL

Jules said...