Monday, March 16, 2009

No Love for NKOTB

My son, the 7 year old little shithead that he is, has taken to making fun of me and my love for NKOTB. I can thank his father for that.

Anywho....the other day in the car, NKOTB is playing and my son in the backseat, tells me again that they are the "Old Farts on the Block" (hardy har har ... sooooo funny!)

So, my mom, who's in the car with us, tells him that word (fart) is really not appropriate, and that it's kind of like a bad word.

There's some playful banter, and I tell him maybe he should use the word "air biscuit" instead. The talk of NKOTB fizzles out, when suddenly he pipes up again:

"Okay, so you like the Old Air-Biscuits on the Block then"



Melissa said...

I'm so telling him you called him SHITHEAD!! :)

Michael Tragic said...

Um... I used to sing " I'll be loving you forever" into a tape recorder to see if I sounded well enough to sing it over the phone to a girl I had a crush on. It was my plan to call and leave it on her voicemail. Well, midway into the first line her dad picked up and said "NO BOYS!" and hung up.

She never knew.

Jenni Jiggety said...

These kids today just can't recognize true talent!