Monday, October 27, 2008

What's up in my world

I realize it has been a while since my last post. For awhile, I could barely stand to sit for any length of time, so my computer use was pretty limited. Now I'm able to sit, but the problems for me still continue. The pain has remained in my leg/ankle and I have since lost some feeling/strength in that foot. I just know I must look odd when I'm walking, because I can feel the difference in my walk from not having full control/feeling of my left foot.

I've had xrays, and now I'm looking at an MRI. My doctor is fairly certain it's a bulging or herniated disc, and he's concerned about paresis in my foot.

And then there's my daughter. She finished her last round of antibiotic this past Wednesday. At one point, she was scratching herself 'down there' and I figured we should schedule a doctor appointment for her to make sure everything cleared up. Friday evening she was not feeling well. Again, a low fever, headache and she was in and out of the bathroom feeling like she was going to throw up all night. We took her to the pediatrician Saturday morning, and while there's no more blood, there's still white cells, so she's on yet another antibiotic. We're going back again this Saturday, and may need to discuss further testing to see why this is happening.

So, while I'm freaking out about my own issues, I'm worrying about hers.


GoteeMan said...

Praying tonight for you both - for healing and health. Hope you both feel much better soon...

J/ (

Jennybean said...

hope you and your girl are feelin' better soon!

Sassy said...

I hope both of you are feeling better!

...ummm I hate to ask, but can I use your wii fit if you're not using it b/c of your pain? :D