Friday, October 17, 2008

Why are you walking like that?

I woke up around 5am yesterday morning to use the facilities and imagine my surprise when I nearly fell out of the bed and then couldn't bear to put any weight down on my left side.

Now, I guess it wasn't entirely a surprise, as I have been dealing with some sciatica pain the past couple months, but this truly was the worst pain yet and it brought me to tears.

I knew there were some things I needed to do at work, so I made my way to the office with a vicodin swimming in my belly. Let me tell you, slurring your words (even if it only happened twice) and wanting to take a nap is not proper workplace etiquette. I held out and put in a few hours, and then managed to make it home in one piece, despite the fact that my mind felt a bit detached from my body (yet, the pain was still there .....)

Of course, my chiropractor is not in on Thursdays, so I suffered. I wasn't about to go to another doctor. I don't even like doctors, so a new one would have been out of the question. Thankfully as the day wore on, the pain got a bit more manageable and I was able to put some weight down on that side and get around a little easier.

After a restless night of sleep (honestly, I can't believe Mike didn't trade the bed for a night on the couch with all the flopping and turning and groaning I was doing), I managed to dress myself (except for 1 sock, which Mike needed to put on for me) and got myself into the car.

Yeah - sitting for any length of time = PAIN. Red, flaming, evil PAIN. Down my leg, from behind my knee, all the way through the calf, and sharpening down in my ankle. At this point, I can't even tell if my lower back still hurts, because the pain in my leg is SO. THROBBING. AWFUL.

So, at any rate, I started therapy with my chiropractor and I hope I can make it in between appointments. Because right now?? Right now I'd like to saw my leg off.

(PS - Thank you again for all the well wishes for my little girl. This time was MUCH better and she was back to her old self in no time!)


Southern Sage said...

being legless is over rated I think!
Hope it gets mo betta!!

I'm a massager, I could try that!!

Leanne said...

Ouch. I did this a few months ago. You have my complete and total sympathy. Get well...quickly.

GoteeMan said...

ugh! sorry you are hurting... and I know the feeling with the meds - like your head is a balloon on a string or something...

Hope you feel better...

J/ (

Sassy said...

Yikes...I know that pain. It sucks! Hope you feel better and I hope your little girl is doing much better now :)

P.S. I'm so jealous of your NKOTB concert. I tried soooo hard to get tickets here :(