Monday, October 06, 2008

No matter who's got your vote, you can now play with your Presidential Candidates!

I saw these in the store yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes.

I mean - really. Isn't it just what you've always wanted??

I'm sure the Republicans are lining up to get their McCain paperdolls. And I'm sure the Obama supporters are already dressing him just as he has during his campaign.

And for those that are really into politics - why not buy both and host your very own Presidential Paperdoll Debate??

At least then you'll probably get the answers you want to hear.


Southern Sage said...

people will buy anything!!!!
(and believe anything!)

Melissa said...

OMG, are you losing your mind, Sarah! I can just see you over there holding your own Presidential Debate!

Lisa said...

I saw these in Borders last month in the Children's Section & busted up laughing! Actually, I think I said aloud, "What kind of kids want to play with presidential paper dolls?!"

Jennybean said...

Do they have Palin too? Some guys out ther might want to dress her up.... or undress her!

mackey said...

I need your mans moobs.....go get them!