Thursday, October 30, 2008

Want to be my shout out?

I've finally determined what my daily topics will entail for NaBloPoMo 2008. Of course, I'll continue posting as normal, but my daily topics will give me something to blog about when I am not feeling creative enough.

That said, stayed tuned for:
Suck-It Saturday
Shout Out Sunday
Musical Monday
Tasty Tuesday
Wishlist Wednesday
Theater Thursday

So, that leads me to this. For Shout-Out Sunday, I will be promoting a blog. If you want me to pick your blog, you must leave a comment. Or six. Make me notice you.

I have been blog surfing quite a bit lately, and as you may have noticed, there are new blogs appearing in my list.

So. Go on. Get Commenting.

There's 5 Sundays in November, just to let you know.


Melisa said...

I would totally love to be your shoutout, for the following completely honest reasons:

1. We are both Cubs fans.
2. We both live in the Chicago area.
3. We are both Cubs fans.
4. Cubs fans stick together, right?
5. If I were doing NaBloPoMo again, I would totally make you one of my shout outs.
6. We are both Cubs fans.
7. I have a November birthday.
8. We are both Cubs fans.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa said...

That Melisa, she's a real suck up, huh? :)

I know I have to be one of your shout outs...I believe pay back is going to bite me in the butt in November, huh?

I'll be watching for that camera when I'm dancing buck nekkid in the backyard!!

How's that for a comment?

Melisa said...

Melissa: yup, I am. But hey, I have an idea, Sarah. Why don't you only do shoutouts to bloggers named Melisa/Melissa in November? Bwahahahaha!