Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well, I may have been living in a bubble

You are all gonna laugh when I admit this....

I just watched Pretty in Pink for the first time a few weeks ago. (Cut me a little slack, wouldya ... I was only 6 when it came out originally)

I got sucked in immediately, and loved every moment of it.

I was torn between wanting Andie to choose Blane or Duckie. All the while I couldn't wait for Andie and Blane to kiss, my heart was heavy for Duckie, because he just loved Andie so.

Next up .... The Breakfast Club (because I don't believe I've seen that yet in it's entirety either)


Melissa said...

Wow, you have been living under a rock. Cripes!

mackey said...

You haven't watched Breakfast Club?!
I LOVED that movie!!!!!!!
Can I come & watch it with you?!!!!
We will have popcorn & Whiskey Girls!!!! :)

Sassy One said...

I'm the same. I haven't seen many of the "hit" movies, especially the girly ones. My friends just roll their eyes. I only just watched that one in the last 2 years and saw Grease last summer for the first time (meh. I fast forwarded all the crappy song and dance

mackey said...

See, the problem is Sass is that you have to watch those movies when you are a teenager. It's just not the same when you are older.
I used to loooove Grease. I watched it a few summers ago with some neighbor kids & it just did not have the same appeal.
I prefer to rememeber it the way that I used to.

Sassy One said...

Mackey - I clearly missed out then :( What the hell was I doing when all my girlfriends were watching these movies?!?!

Anonymous said...

if I even had a clue what y'all were talking about I might could leave some sensible comment.
I do think I know what Sass was dong when y'all were watching movies!

Love the pic snark!

Melisa said...

I want to come over too! In fact, you wouldn't even need to rent the movie because I could recite it for you.

Maybe Melissa and Mackey want to help me? I call being the "Princess"! (Molly Ringwald's part)

Sarah said...

Okay, sounds like a girls movie night is needed! Who's in? Mackey, you've got a long way to travel, but I know Melisa is local!

Nanci said...

OMG, I LOVE these movies! I like the Breakfast Club better than Pretty In Pink, though that one is a great movie too! And I have Grease. All 4 of us watch that one.