Thursday, July 10, 2008

Totally Random

The hose-happy driver here likes to leave random bits of information, quotes or nonsense on his paperwork for us.

We just laugh because it's always totally random and I think he may have lost his mind.

The other day we got a real gem. Written on the back of his paperwork was this:

Feeling slightly irregular, then I realized I was wearing the wrong days underwear. I had Weds on instead of Tues, yet this still doesn't explain why I feel as if I'm retaining water. hmmmm

At the bottom of the page, this was written:


Which after much guessing and clues from him, means:
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Nanci said...

Is he composing a country song, or does he wear the women's panties with the days of the week printed on them? LOL

Melissa said...

OMG, that is hysterical!!

Anonymous said...

atta boy!