Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let's not count our chickens

During Monday night's Cubs game against Milwaukee, my son was starting to celebrate a little prematurely.

It was my time to gently tell him a golden rule to being a Cubs fan.

We never count our chickens before they hatch.

A few minutes later, he was bouncing around and talking of winning again.

I just said "What did I tell you about our chickens?"

He says "Mine already hatched!"

The Cubs did win, but there's still alot I need to teach this boy about bleeding Cubby blue.


Melissa said...

So when are you going to start teaching him about being a Sox fan? ;)

Sarah said...

Ha! What he knows about the White Sox is this .... he calls them the White Sux. But, he does still check the scores so he can give the report to his Daddy.

dana said...

Ugh. You're killing me! As a diehard Brewers fan (from Wisconsin, of course) it was paaaaiiiinful to see the Cubs kick our asses. I kept saying to my husband, "When did the Cubs get so good? I don't ever remember them being this good!"

Sassy One said...

LOL Well if they've hatched, might as well enjoy them before they are slaughtered...

Sarah said...

Dana -- This is truly one of the best Cubs teams I've seen. Prepare yourself -- we've still got 2 more series against the Brew yet this season.

Sassy -- There will be no slaughtering of said chickens. Not this year. We've been waiting 100 years.

Burgh Baby said...

I can't do baseball, but DUDE! We're BlogHer ad buddies right now!

Melisa said...

Okay, I'm representing for the Cubs here in your comment section!

Just wanted to say that. Seems like you needed a little support! ;)

Unfortunately for me, I have a divided family when it comes to baseball.

Younger son=Cubs (smart!)
Older son=Sox (Lapse in judgment)
Husband=Hates Baseball

Sarah said...

Melisa - We've got a divided household, too -- my husband roots for the Sox! Ack!!! I don't know how I allow him to sleep in the house. LOL!

Melisa said...

Maybe your husband could take my 16-year-old to a game and they could have a nice afternoon of pretending that they have a supportive baseball family. LOL!