Monday, August 04, 2008

Design My New Tattoo Challenge

I've decided I finally want a new tattoo (actually, I'd like a couple, but let's take things slow).

I made the decision that since I bleed Cubby blue, I want to memorialize that on my body. However, I do know that I do not want the traditional Chicago Cubs logo all by itself. I do know the location (my right ankle) in which I'll have it inked, but now I need the design.

I have scoured the internet for examples and am having no luck. I've got an idea in my head of what I *think* I want, but this is where I need your help.


For those creative types out there - I want you to design a Chicago Cubs tattoo for me. Photoshop, Paint Shop, whatever it takes .... email me a .jpg file of it and if I choose your design, you'll win a $25 gift card for dinner (we'll have to determine a location depending on where the winner resides and what I have access to).

Now, you can take these ideas and run with them, or come up with something entirely original on your own - but I am envisioning perhaps a vine with hearts & thorns on each side of the Cubs logo, or perhaps just something tribal with the Cubs in there somehow.

Remember - $25 to dinner for the winner!

Email submissions to:


Anonymous said...

I think
would be better but thats just me!

Melissa said...

To much like work...why don't you go and talk to a tattoo artist before you get your hopes set...they might not be able to do exactly as you envisioned...but might be able to come up with something even better.


The guy who did all of my tattoos is in prison - or I would ask him for ya! LOL! I use to just tell him what I wanted and stick out a body part and let him draw it right on me. Have you found a place you are going to go and have it done yet? Most of those guys are super good at producing what you want without charging you a ton more for the design.

Nanci said...

I think you should wait until after the season is over. If they go to the World Series, just think of all the sayings, etc. you could incorporate into the tattoo! Or get something that you can expand on, should the opportunity arise! I'm trying really hard not to jinx them. Go Cubbies!

Melisa said...

I'm with Nanci. This could be the year!!!

(and if not, I vote for the logo, some ivy, and the word "Believe".)

Melissa said...

I still think you should get an apple! ;)