Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trip to the Hardware Store

Yesterday I needed to pick up something for the office, so off to the hardware store I go.

As I'm walking in wearing my adorable new heeled Crocs, I notice an employee right outside the door, oggling. Here I am making a simple trip to the store for some emergency exit sign light bulbs, and I'm feeling like a piece of meat (but I do take a bit of satisfaction in this as well because I was looking rather cute, if I do say so myself).

Later I decided that I'd really like to take another trip there, find myself a male employee and tell him that I'm looking for a screw.

You know, just for shits & giggles.


Melissa said...

You MILF, you!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I think you should make a road show out of going to various hardware stores and asking for a screw. Make sure to videotape it, though!

mackey said...

Those Crocs look cool!I absolutely LOATHE Crocs but those could change how I feel about them!

Sassy One said...

LOL Mackey stole my comment! I pictured the original crocs with a heel and thought "what the fuck is this girl thinking?!?"
They are so cute though!!

Go get the screw girl! hehe

Jess said...

reminds me of the time I was on pain meds at work (Home Depot) and very giggily. A guy came up with a bunch of screws, and bolts. I was counting them as I ran them up and I asked him if he had any nuts...it wasn't until it came out of my mouth and saw the look on the guys face that I cracked up laughing along with the cashier next to me. The guy did come back a day or two later and ask me out. But, each day that week my supervisor left an envelope with 2 nuts inside on my cash register every morning and that was the laugh of the store. Oops!

SgtSudsWife said...

Hahaha that is great.I didn't know they make heeled crocs?I will have to look at them online.Not that I could get any because I would kill myself in anything with heels.