Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ah, the sights I see

My job involves making the deposits, so I find myself going to the bank several times each week. Sometimes I go in the afternoon, sometimes I don't go until I'm just about to head home for the day.

The bank is in the little downtown area of town, where there are always people on foot and bike.

As I'm heading down the road, I see a biker up ahead and prepare myself to avoid him as there is no bike path and he's in the road. As I get closer, I take note of his legs and how they looked. They were bent weird, and as I passed him I realized why he looked so bizarre.

He was much too big and tall for this bike! Honestly, he looked ridiculous. To sum it up .... Imagine Shrek on a 10-speed.

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Sassy One said...

Always carry a camera. That would be a hilarious picture