Friday, April 25, 2008

Boob-A-Thon Lovin'!

Remember those fantastic Moobs I posted?

What? You don't remember? Well, then you've got to go check them out (I'd just repost the pic, but blogger is being an asshat at the moment and won't let me).

The owner of those Moobs has decided to participate with his own boob-a-thon of sorts -- he will be donating $3 for the cleavage from any of his readers that come here and participate.

How awesome is that? I think he's got a real thing for boobs.

So there you have it! Sage's cleavage-baring-readers will help Jules $5 at a time!


1 comment:

Sassy One said...

I wonder if my boobs will count for him donate too, or if he's just trying to see more of my ta-tas....