Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthdays and Presents and Cubbies, Oh My!

Last Friday I was woken up by my daughter peering at me, saying, " knows it's yours birf day?"

It was a normal work day and all that jazz, but I was looking forward to that night with all my girls. And I was hoping that one of my birthday gifts from Mike and the kids was my Aramis Ramirez Cubs jersey.

At work, my boss gave me a gift and then early that evening Mike and the kids gave me all my goodies. The girls came over a bit later, and I was spoiled with plenty more stuff!

It was a wonderful day. Spent with people I care about (and care about me!), talking, laughing and having a good time (and the presents aren't all that bad either!).

I made quite the haul - and I GOT MY JERSEY!

Plus, my birthday festivities continued this week as Tuesday me, my husband and son were all treated to a Cubs game (with my dad). It was a joint present for mine and my husband's (the White Sox fan) birthdays. The game was awesome (Cubs won 9-5!) and it was nice to share in my son's first visit to Wrigley Field (one of the greatest places on Earth!) with my dad.

I'll admit, I was spoiled. But who doesn't enjoy that?

Thanks to my girls (Melissa, Donna, Nanci, Julie, Karyn, Deb) for celebrating with me, and for your thoughtfulness. I appreciate and love each of you. Thank you!

(And Thanks to my hubby, kids, & of course mom & dad (who I am still not sure if they are reading here or not) ... Love you Guys Too!!)


Melissa said...

Hey, that's broads to you ;)

mackeydoodle said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

kristabella said...

Happy birthday! Nothing better than spending birthdays with the Cubbies!

Sassy One said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I was checking to see how many more boobs you had gotten, and man, it's alot! Then I had to click on Dooce or whatever that name was you said about your "boss" reading your blog and all. And I really enjoyed her blog about her dog. Really very funny stuff. or should I say shit? ha ha.