Thursday, April 03, 2008

Boob-A-Thon (Round 1)

The Snarkalicious Boob-A-Thon

I just knew Manic Mommy would be willing to show off her ta-ta's! And.....she managed to bombard me with boobs of a bunch of her friends, too!

So, here's our first round of boobs for your viewing pleasure:


Manic isn't sure who this one is (I don't know....ask her! LOL):




Tricia & Manic herself:


$16 "rack"ed up right there!

For more information on the Boob-A-Thon, click here.


Melissa said...

Wow, your blog has turned into soft porn, Sarah...and no, I'll be keeping my chesticles to myself, thanks!

Manic Mom said...

I'm rather disappointed with my own cleavage. I may have to give you a retake, although that photo you have posted is pre-18 pounds, and probably 12 of those pounds have evaporated from my chest.

Sarah said...

Soft porn? Are you crazy!? This is about as far from porn as it gets. When I say I want pics of boobs to put $1 towards buying the newest Debbie Does whatever DVD, then you can say it's soft porn!

Melissa said...

I don't know, I thought I saw some nip in one of those pictures....;)

Hank said...

Well. Hi. I got to you through a comment you left somewhere. And the first post I see is...breasts.

I think you can be assured that I'll be a regular reader from here on in.

Jules said...

love the boobies pics! i can't tell you how much this walk means to me and how awesome the support has been! Thanks!! = jules

Manic Mom said...

Hank, the boobies belong to MOI!

And Sarah, I'm giving you a pimp in the next post babydoll!!! : )

THopgood said...

Looks like I'll be taking a picture of my boobies today...what a fun idea!

Mommy Confidential said...

OMG THIS IS GREAT!!so funny..R

Spammon said...

I'm just reaaaaally hoping you don't do a drive for testicular cancer.

Sherry said...


Sarah said...

Who wouldda thunk boobies would get such an increase in traffic? LOL

Who am I kidding? Boobies are SPECTACULAR. Trust me. I know. I have my own.

Melissa - no nips, though one of Manic's friends is sporting those dark veins that tend to pop up in pregnancy. I was like - great-lactating-gravy look at those puppies!

Manic - thank you for your boob hookup. Now to just get more boobies in my inbox.

Hank - thanks for stopping by! If boobs are what get you reading here, that's fine by me. ;) It's a great cause, you know.

Jules - you are very welcome, hun. THANK YOU for dedicating yourself to raising this money, raising this awareness and walking 60 miles.

Thopgood - Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to see your boobies. ;)

Mommy Confidential - Heya! Thank you for stopping by, too! Are you persuaded to participate and show everyone your boobs too??

Spammon - Eeek! Balls? Really? They are totally not as glorious as boobies are. ;)

Sherry - Hi! Are you going to show us yours?