Monday, October 01, 2007

Totally Pawsome!

My son has been in kindergarten just shy of a month now. He's needed to turn his card to yellow a few times, and just last week, he had to turn to red. This warranted the second phone call home this school year.

It wasn't that he his misbehaved so badly that he needed to turn his card to red, it was that he talked out of turn (didn't raise his hand) and when the teacher asked him to turn his card to yellow, he wouldn't. He didn't want to, and was upset that he needed to. She explained that if he didn't turn it to yellow like she asked, then he'd have to turn to red, which upset him even further so that he stuck his tongue out at her.

Needless to say, the next day he was instructed to go to school, and to apologize for misbehaving AND for sticking his tongue out at his teacher. He did this, and was behaved enough that he came home that next day with a Pawsome card.

Being a Wildcat (school mascot), this was their way of using 'paw' and 'awesome' together.

He did well the rest of the week, and imagine my surprise today when he came home with TWO Pawsome cards in his backpack.

I just hope he can continue to improve and keep enjoying school. Despite flipping cards or having the teacher call home, he's always very anxious and excited to go back to school the next day. And when the weekend rolls around, he's asking when it's time to go to school again. I know that won't last forever, but it's nice now!

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Melissa said...

Pawsome, dude. We're falling behind we only have two over here. Now if we could just get H over being sick, maybe she could start to rack them up, too.