Thursday, February 08, 2007

S . T . R . E . S . S

2007 is not off to a good start, AT ALL.

Braeden has pink eye. In BOTH eyes. I called the answering service this evening, and since I had to be put on hold, I figured it was a busy night. It had been quite a while since I called, with no return call from the pediatrician. In the meantime, B is complaining that he can't see. We decide that Mike will take him over to the urgent care so that we can get him on an antibiotic quickly, without having to try to get him squeezed in at his doctor's office tomorrow. Just as they were getting their coats and shoes on, the pediatrician called back.

Simply said "Yes, no doubt it's conjunctivitis" after I explained the symptoms and asked for the pharmacy number to call in a prescription. BLESS HIS SOUL! We've been having ridiculously cold weather here, and I just hated to have to take him all the way to the doctor's office for them to confirm which I guessed was wrong (as soon as I saw a slug-looking glob of boogery grossness coming out of his eye).

I know, it's not a huge deal. It's treatable, it's common and he's in school. It doesn't surprise me that he's got it.

It's just the timing. How much more can I handle?

We moved our office, and while we're settling in at the new space nicely, there is still alot to be done. I've been working harder, and even putting in some extra time.

Mike is still unemployed. He's had some interviews, he's filled out apps, he's been surfing Monster and Career Builder and the like on a daily basis. No bites so far. It'll be 3 weeks tomorrow since he lost his job. He's hearing from another manager that got fired that he and another manager were denied unemployment (I'm not sure the truth in all this, as in my experience at work, unemployment seems to side with the employee firstly, and the employer has a chance to appeal and fight the claim). It seems a bit early in the game for them to have downright denied them of any benefits.

So, I'm stressing. Trying to keep finding the positives in things, but it's nagging at me all the time. If something happens and the deny him unemployment (so far the paperwork we've received, it looks like he WILL .... but, now I'm paranoid), what on Earth will we do?!? I mean, unemployment is not the same money he was bringing home, but it's SOMETHING, and it's damn near better than NOTHING.

I get sick just thinking about it. I dread coming home or being in the house because it depresses me to think how much it could be hanging on the line. There's tension in the air, frustration, and fear. I'd almost rather be at work, and it just so happens with the move that I can be since there's so much to do.

I haven't had much time to list more things on ebay, but I've managed a few here and there, and have managed to make a bit under $300. It's good, but I've got to find the time and energy to do more and I just don't have it. I don't have the desire to either right now.

This whole week I've probably spent a total of maybe 2 hours on the computer (internet). And that's probably guessing high. I just haven't had the desire to surf the web, chat on my mailing lists or check into my community website. The only thing I have wanted to do is read. Maybe it's my way of escaping. I'm nearly finished with a book I just started, and I'm already eyeing the bookshelf to see what's next.

Other than my excitement to read, I could pretty much just cry.

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Lacey said...

((HUGS)) Hope things look up soon Sarah!