Friday, January 05, 2007

So many losses, so little time

Mike's mom passed away yesterday. His cell phone rang just before 6:30 in the morning, and he groggily answered. He didn't need to say a word .... I just knew what the phone call was about.

We spent the morning and afternoon and in Kenosha helping to make the arrangements. The services will be Sunday afternoon.

It's amazing how long she held on and fought. We got the news that she broke her neck almost 3 weeks ago. She was just 48 years old.

I'm haivng a hard time coming to terms that my husband - who won't be 30 until April - already lost his mother.

He's really had a lot of losses within his family. His grandmother passed away in September 2004. Just this past October, he lost his grandfather. And now, his mother. Of course, we lost my grams in October 2005 as well.

It really does suck getting older.

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Lacey said...

Lots of prayers going up!