Friday, January 19, 2007

2007 isn't looking so great

So much for a new year. If it keeps up the way it has been, this may just be the shittiest year yet.

First Mike's mom. Then worrying about Braeden. Now? Mike is unemployed.

On Tuesday Mike found out that the GM of his store was being fired. This was actually not a surprise; there have been some issues there. So - whatever - didn't think anything of it. I actually thought maybe this was Mike's chance at being promoted to GM. Boy was I wrong. He ends up hearing from someone else that he's going to be fired. He approaches the area manager (whom he's worked with when he was with Sbarro years ago) and asks what's going on. He says "You want to know the truth?" .... and Mike finds out that his last day was going to be tomorrow.

The company says they are "reconstructing" or "remanaging" (Mike couldn't remember what term they used; I don't blame him -- I probably would have zoned out by this point) the entire Chicagoland area. Four managers all got canned (2 from each of 2 stores).

I'm not sure how the bills are going to be paid. And just another reason for me to be depressed.

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Jess said...

I'm so sorry, Sarah. You've really had a rough go of things lately. I'll hold you guys up in prayer. Keep us posted. BIG HUGS!