Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let's Get Physical!

Braeden had his 5 year visit and school physical today. He's growing well, passed his vision test, blood tests all came back A-OK. He got 3 shots and handled them so well ..... he was such a BIG boy, and I was so proud! But, when the doctor had him bend over to touch his toes, he examined his spine and I've been thinking lately that it looked a bit weird to me - almost curved. Well, the pediatrician told me to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't complain about back pain. That it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it could be the signs of scoliosis.

He didn't seem very worried, so I'm trying not to be, but part of me wants to cry. I mean .... what do you mean my little boy is not perfect? I don't want my children to have any sort of health ailment. I've only read a little bit online about scoliosis, and I'm afraid to read further because I know alot of times the world wide web can be a mass of awful information.

So, all in all, he's healthy and he's up to date on vaccinations and all aside from going to the dentist -- he's ready for kindergarten!

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Jess said...

Just keep an eye on him, Sarah. It's a pretty treatable thing if he does wind up having it. A cousin of mine had it and she wore a brace for almost a year, had some surgery, and wore the brace for a couple of more months after recovering from the surgery and she's been fine ever since. I can understand you being're his're going to worry. But, just keep an eye on him for now. I'll say a prayer for little Braeden. That's great that he's all ready for Kindergarten. WTGrow Braeden!