Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zhu Zhu What?!?

Have you heard the new latest rage?

My kids nearly had a heart attack in Toys R Us when they spotted this:

I take the box from them and I'm sure there were about a gazillion confusion wrinkles across my forehead as I tried to comprehend just what I was looking at and why they were so fascinated with it.

They then tell me all about the Zhu Zhu Pets and how they want them! And how they must have them! And OH. MY. GOD!

Just then another woman passes by with her children and her eyes bug out of her head and she says "Where'd you find the Zhu Zhu pets?!?"

It was then that I also noticed the 'hamster not included' label, and the fact that the places on the shelves where the hamsters should have been - nice and EMPTY.

It's this point that I realize - great. It's going to be Tickle Me Elmo and 1997 all over again.

I have been lucky enough to find several of the playsets and 4 different hamsters. They are hidden away in my closet and won't make an appearance until Christmas morning. The things we do in order to help Santa.....

So, a word to the wise .... start asking your kids now what they want for Christmas, and if these suckers are on their list .... keep your eyes peeled even if you don't intend to start your Christmas shopping for another 2 months.

Just sayin'

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Sassy said...

I've never heard of these things. I'll have to ask my students about them...
Weird little toys! hehe