Saturday, September 12, 2009

Loser with a Capital "L"

You know you're pretty low on society's totem pole when you need to steal from a garage sale.

Just sayin' if you can't cough up the 50 cents to pay for the item you just stuffed into the pocket of your riff-rafferific ghetto pants; then perhaps you shouldn't have even gotten into the car and left home (save the gas money, feed your family!).

I know garage sales don't accept wic or food stamps or the like - but seriously - we ain't made of money either and we're not sitting out there for our health.

Let me actually CATCH YOU in the act next'll be strung up with our festive multi-colored banner flags (you know, tacky like the car dealerships) until the fancy car with the swirly blue lights and a siren comes to haul your ass away.


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Sassy said...

Seriously? That is low. Stupid people.