Monday, September 14, 2009

Evil Sleep-Stealing, Snot Drying Drug

I've been having an issue with a gland under my chin that likes to swell and become painful. It has been an issue twice now, in a 3 month period.

This last time I also ended up with some other issues going on when I went back in for my follow-up appointment. When my doctor looked in my throat, I was told it appeared "yucky" and that I had "schmutz" on my tonsils as well. The worst strep-swab ever later, and I was on my way with yet another round of antibiotic and a suggestion to try Claritin-D to help dry up/ease the congestion troubles.

No problem!! I picked some up and signed my life away (is the government spying on me to see how often I'm buying some sort of cold/allergy/booger drying up drug? Really - it's for my nose! I'm not using it for some sort of concoction in a meth lab!!!). About 5 days in, I realize on my 5th trip to take a pee during the night, that this is odd - I haven't gotten up this much during the night since I was pregnant.

About 6 days in, I think, "Wow, I have really been having a lot of dreams lately! ALL night long!"

7 days in, and I'm questioning what the hell is making me wake up every 1-2 hours during the night, pee just as often and continue to have bizarre dreams, all night long, despite being woke up so frequently.

On day 9, I finally decide to research a bit on the net. I read about this and that side-effect, and insomnia, restless sleep, frequent urination. Nothing about the dreams, however. At this moment, I also realize that I hadn't take my pills yet for the day, so I go downstairs to do that (at this point I was still taking my antibiotic as well).

That night was the worst of all. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep - which was not consecutive. But the strangest part - each morning - even after waking so often and sleeping so restlessly - I wouldn't feel super sluggish or tired. At least nothing out of the ordinary. That would hit me later on in the evening, which I would consider to be a normal thing.

I made the decision at 3am, while I was wide awake playing Bejeweled on Facebook, that I would not be taking that drug again.

On day 1 of NO evil-sleep-stealing drug, I slept the night thru until sometime around 5am. It was like graduating from infanthood! But on day 2 of NO evil-sleep-stealing was like I hadn't slept in a month! I went to bed, and barely remember putting my head onto the pillow and adjusting myself into a comfortable position. I was abruptly woken up at 7:15am, feeling disorientated as I was deep in REM sleep.

Mike happened to mentioned to me that I was "flopping around" all night, and I apologized and told him I was out cold. His reply was, "Yeah, I know. You whacked me twice. And then when I picked up your arm and dropped it down it went..." and then he proceeded to show me how my arm just fell - dead weight and all - to the mattress. I have absolutely no recollection of any of this. I must have been more sleep deprived than I thought!!

So much for keeping my snot closet clear....but at least I'll be well rested!


Blonde Goddess said...

Have you considered using a Neti Pot to help keep your sinuses clear? My husband had the same problems with taking allergy meds and a friend of his recommended the Neti Pot. It's worked great for him.
Who knows?
It might help you...

Anonymous said...

Sleep is good people I always say!