Thursday, August 07, 2008

Man, are my ropers tired!

I previously told you all about the drivers I deal with at work, and the practical jokes that one in particular likes to play. This is the same driver that hosed Mr. Sound Effects.

Well, I sometimes suffer bouts of snarkolepsy at work, towards certain individuals.

One afternoon, our jokester driver comes in to take his truck in for some service. While he's here, I notice he's got his pant leg hiked up and is lacing his boot. My eyes are drawn to the pasty white, scrawny, skinny old man leg that is now bare.

So I speak my observation that he's totally got old man legs. (Note: we are a pretty relaxed company and verbal abuse is pretty common fair around here and we all know that we mean no ill harm. Mostly. And it helps that I'm the youngest in the company and like to dish the shit out. My time will come, this I know.)

Then for whatever random reason, I think of Three's Company, and decide that from that point forward, that driver would be known as Mr. Roper (between the scrawny old man legs, and his crotchetyness, it's a good fit!).

I will not speak of what he had to say to me right then, but he has surprisingly come around and since embraced his Mr. Roper-ness.

Since we can't let him live down the hosing incident, I constructed a simple sign to display in back as a reminder:

(please forgive the quality - I had to use my cell phone)


Melissa said...

Man, they actually pay you for this shit? ;)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really interesting; I found it from a link at Tits for Troops where there was a wonderful pic of you. Please consider contributing to Tits Anonymous some time.

Anonymous said...

are y'all hiring?