Tuesday, August 15, 2006


In the past week or so, I've been picking up my camera more to snap some photos. I got some great shots of our flowers in the backyard, and tonight I got a couple of the flowers right outside the park in our subdivision.

I really do love taking that camera out, just looking for something to capture. I know I said before I was going to take that digital photography class through the local community college. We just got the fall brochure in the mail, and there are 2 separate times the course is running. One starts in September, the other in October. I'm still debating on if I want to take it. I mean, I really do want to, it's just a matter of working up the courage to.


Jess said...

The flowers are beautiful, Sarah! Go for it on taking the class! It's something that you've been wanting to do for a long time and you deserve to do something for you!

mackeydoodle said...

I did & I have no regrets. You will love it!Trust me! You learn soooo much!!!!