Friday, August 06, 2010

Cubs vs Sox

We've got a bit of a rivalry going in our household.

I'm a diehard Cubs fan, while the hubby is a Sox fan.

The kids have decided to keep their loyalties with the Cubs, so hubby is a bit outnumbered.

We were at the Cubs game this past Wednesday, and suddenly my daughter taps me and asks:

"Mommy, when you got married .... did you know that Daddy was a Sox fan?"

When I replied 'yes', she was astonished and said "Then why did you marry him?!"

According to her, I should have picked a Cubs fan.

I tried to explain that had I not picked her father, she wouldn't be here (but alas, she's much does she really understand?)

She did make it clear that when she picks a husband someday, he most certainly WILL be a Cubs fan.

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Matty said...

Basing a relationship purely on baseball loyalty is a guaranteed recipe for success.