Thursday, August 05, 2010

Roll Call

I know I'm a terrible blogger, and what few readers I did have are probably gone.

But - by a show of hands, er, comments ..... who's still here??


Dana, Proud mommy to 4 said...

I'm here!!! I've missed reading everything and been wondering what's going on with your health.

Kat said...

Hey Sarah, I am still here too - we all know that "life" sometimes gets in the way of blogging - how dare it! But it does happen.

Can't wait to read more of your blog and all your "adventures" since you were last a "regular blogger" :)

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

I'm here also Sarah. I just don't get around to reading my blogs I like to read on a regular basis!

Amber - Balboaroc

Jess said...

I'm still around. I started blogging again too even though I doubt I have any faithful readers anymore either.

Barb said...

I'm here too... blogging in splurts!