Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sputterings and Mutterings

It's been quite awhile since I've written. I find that many evenings I'm too tired to conjure up anything worth reading.

I've been the general manager for 4 whole weeks now. Hardly seems like it's been that long, but I've made it through 2 payrolls. This past Friday I had to do the entire payroll myself and I was extremely nervous about it. Apparently I wasn't giving myself enough credit because it all went extremely smoothly and all the payroll checks printed and I have happy employees. The old general manager is out of town in California now, and my bosses are actually out of the country on an anniversary trip in Italy. I'm flying solo with only brief communication by cell phone or text messages to the old GM. She still needs to go over sales tax with me, which needs to be done by the 20th of this month.

Other than that, the other big happenings in the household was the start of two things for the kids. B started kindergarten, and 5 days in I got my first phone call home from the teacher. His friend down the street rides the same bus, and they are in the same class together as well. Apparently they are like Frick and Frack, getting into some trouble together. They've been separated both in class, and on the bus, along with flipping cards to yellow while in class. (sigh) They are FIVE! (though, B would interrupt and say, "I'm five and a HALF!") K started ballet class at our community rec center. She's gone two times now, and is just adorable as she prances along. It runs for 11 weeks, so she'll be busy doing that every Saturday until the middle of November.

So - that is that - just keeping busy and watching the weeks fly by.

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Melissa said...

So is H Frick or Frack? We're going to have to work hard to figure out what to get the bus driver and the teacher for Christmas!!