Friday, August 24, 2007


Do you ever wonder just how it's possible that there can be such monsters in this world??

How can someone else feel they are so important, so mighty, that they can deem someone else's life not worthy .... and take it?

I called my friend, Katrina on Monday to check in and see how she's doing and how her newest little pumpkin is growing (she has a 2 month old baby boy). She didn't sound right, and tells me that she's been in a daze; that I might have heard on the news; her friend Dana was murdered over the weekend.

WHAT?!? I had never had the pleasure of meeting her; knew her from Katrina speaking of her, saw her at Katrina and her husband's wedding reception (Dana was a bridesmaid), and saw her picture in Katrina's friends list on myspace.

I've gotten more information from the story than has been in the news - since she's close the family and they have the access to the complete story before the media gets ahold of it (if they manage to).

It's disturbing to know that a friend of my friend was murdered. No, the death doesn't ultimately affect me -- but it does in such a way because my friend is grieving.

25 years old .... a life full of potential, cut short

Rest in Peace, Dana Mangi

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Jess said...

Yes, I do. Foster care has really opened my eyes...