Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baseball, you bet!

Myspace Graphics - Chicago Cubs

'Tis that time of the season when it gets down to the nitty gritty. Last night's game was freakin' awesome! One of those edge-of-your-seat-chew-all-your-nails-off types. It's not everyday you see your favorite team come back in the 9th inning to score 3 runs and win the game. Truly unbelievable.

Tonight wasn't such good luck. It was a disappointing game, and with Milwaukee's win, both teams are now tied for first place in the central division.

There's still time - and I've still got plenty of hope for my Cubbies.

I swear, though....I will cry tears of happiness and joy if they make it to the Series. As it was last night, I teared up at how amazing they played and how pumped they were when they won.

Goooooooo Cubbbiiiiieessssssssss!!!!

And PS .... Aramis Ramirez is totally hot. What I wouldn't do for one night with that man. ;)

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