Friday, August 03, 2007

The dog days of summer

Summer is quickly coming to an end, I'm afraid. Of course, being that it is August, temps have jumped up into the 90's. With this latest heat wave, the ice cream man has stopped coming around. Every other time he came by, we weren't ready for him; no cash on hand, or right in the middle of eating dinner, or just finished with dessert. So, just when I say fuck it, he stops comin'.

I'm just grumpy....can you tell? It's a bad case of PMS. Though, I can't blame it on PMS now, right, cuz I'm not in the "pre" stages, now the annoying wench is here for her monthly stay, but I'm still CRABBY. AS. HELL. Where's the chocolate?

I can't even focus enough to sit here and write, it's like hormonal induced ADD. Huh? What? Are you talking to me?

Got a letter yesterday from my son's school; he'll be in the PM kindergarten class. There's like 4 weeks or something left til school starts. Someone, get me the kleenex!

Okay, seriously .... I've gotta go. Once I can focus more, I'll be back.

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