Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My son the sponge

Braeden is really enjoying preschool, and learning so much! I'm so glad we decided to send him.

The first day was tough, but my how he's changed! Now he runs off to his classroom and barely looks back! Sometimes he even forgets to give a hug & kiss before he heads off towards his new friends.

He has homework a night or two each week. It's normally just a page where he needs to practice writing that week's letter, or he has to find something of a certain color for the guessing game they do (something like show & tell, except they have to find an item of a certain color that will fit inside of a brown paper lunchbag and they give clues to the class so that they can try to guess what it is).

Every school day, I'm anxious to get home from work to take a peek inside his backpack to see what kind of project he's brought home.

They are learning the alphabet and making animals out of the letters. Here's his very first project he brought home from school .... his "A" Aligator:

And his "B" Bumblebee:

This is just his 4th week in school, and he's already writing his name, singing the alphabet song, and can do some subtraction! He knows his birthdate, and he even recognizes the first letter of his friends' names and will tell us that the particular letter is what so-and-so's name starts with.

It truly amazes me at how quickly they pick things up and how eager they are to learn in an actual school setting. He was never interested at home; it was like pulling teeth to try to get him to sit down and try to write any letters. Now he's sucking it all up like a little sponge!

He even has his very first girlfriend. :) And it just so happens that she lives in the subdivision next to ours, right on the same street as Braeden's Uncle John!


Jess said...

It is truly amazing isn't it? I'm glad that he's doing so well in school.

Jess said...

Deidra is already on her 2nd boyfriend this year. I think she's going to be boy crazy. The boys all chase her around the playground. It's too funny.